Friday, September 09, 2005


I vote Lib Dem because....

I'm pro legalizin all drugs, init

Please tell me that you're taking the piss...
Lib Dems belive that the government should legalize ALL the drugs to make the QUALITY better, and to make it easier and less dangerous to score a hit.

We think that if govinment takes it off the streets, it will make it cheaper for all.

That would be FAIR, and we Lib Dems belive in FAIRNESS.

It would also mean that each time you get an ounce of skunk, you actually GET AN OUNCE OF SKUNK.

Or when you buy a G of Charlie, that you don't get some .7 or .8, you actually get A GRAM OF COKE.

So if you support the chillin' of the law, VOTE LIBERAL DEMOCRAT.

For real.
Can you sort me out with some stuff Chris?

Call me on 07763 678 292

They've got my vote then. The quality of the smack & crack has been terrible lately!!! I'm having to rob 2-3 times as many old ladies. It's hard work you know??
By the way I am you know why i need to do drugs!!!
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